Mañihuales is a word composed of mañío, name of an abundant tree in the sector, and baguales, beef that has become arisco or wild. The Villa called Mañihuales, is born from the need of its people due to the existing lacks and the almost zero road and communication connectivity, for this reason the pioneer neighbors meet and form an advance committee and request the creation of a town. Freehand raised a checkpoint for police and school, and later the state would create the health post.

Villa Mañihuales was created on September 25, 1962, by Supreme Decree of the Republic No. 1149 and is delivered to its residents on November 4 of the same year, when there was a meeting and change of the board of directors of the committee. This fact meant the improvement of the quality of life of those who inhabited these lands at the beginning, so it was celebrated with the characteristic roasted to the stick to thank the authorities for the creation of Villa Mañihuales.