Aysén was born as a territory in 1928, as a province in 1933 and as a region in 1974, despite being relatively young if we compare it with the rest of the regions of Chile, it has a little known and subjugated history. In the beginning, many years had to pass before the State became aware that this corner occupied by peaceful Chileans and workers existed.


By 1880, Ciriaco Álvarez arrives in the area  and founded between Puerto Aysén and Chacabuco a station for collecting and storing posts, with houses and huge sheds; In addition to a warehouse supplying food for its workers, for these tasks it is considered the first and legitimate settler of Aysén, becoming known as "The King of the Cypress."

By 1904, the Aysén Industrial Society was established, which enjoyed broad powers and encouraged the population by offering employment in livestock work, as well as at the beginning of the construction of the Aysén-Coyhaique road. The so-called "witch houses" begin to appear those that armed trusses in one night thanks to the fraternal "Mingaco" without permission from society.


The commune is founded on January 28, 1928, with about twenty houses, a warehouse of provisions, a hotel and port facilities with its own administration; The main street was Chile-Argentina Street, current Tte Street. Merino, the one that housed the incipient commerce of the time.